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April 23

8 Weeks to Complete Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health!

Starting Tuesday, March 8th 2022 at 6:30pm, the free Crossroads Conference
will immerse you in a holistic approach to health and wellness.
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Questions you may have?

Today we see increasing economic unceratinty, political termiol, and deepening racial divides. The relevance of the ancient Biblical prophecies of Daniel and Revelation has never been more acute.

The Crossroads Conference will look at solid biblical and scientific answers to the vital quesions of what is happening today. You will also see how Daniel and Revelation explain much of what is happening today, giving you the keys to facing the future with confidence and understanding.
Both the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation give clear, testible, and direct answers to the fundamental challenges we are facing.

Prophetic Topics covered will include:

  • Revelation's Cosmic War and America's Health Crisis
  • Prophecy Predicts the Next Superpower
  • Prophecies Coming Cataclismic Crisis
  • The Rumble of a Crumbling World: A Message of Hope for Our Time
  • Prophecy Reveals: how to Face the Judgment with Confidence
  • Prophecy Reveals: A Centuries' Old Remedy for Stress
  • Revelation Reveals the World Beyond Tomorrow
  • A Message of Hope for Our Time
  • Prophecy Reveals: how to Face the Judgment with Confidence
  • Prophecy Reveals: A Centuries' Old Remedy for Stress
  • Revelation Reveals the World Beyond Tomorrow

Pr Phil Mills, Host Light UnShackled, Bible Educator, Church Pastor

He currently serves the Greater Lansing community as the Lansing Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor. He has a deep interest in history, Bible prophecy, and explaining how the Bible gives hope for today. Three years ago, he helped produce a series on the history of the church called, Light UnShackled (available on YouTube). He is passionate about providing health education, counseling with couples and families, and providing spiritual care to all walks of life in his 14 years serving Michigan. He provides leadership for Nature’s Banquet (culinary starter kits and neighborhood cooking parties), Hydrotherapy Hub, CROSSTrainers as well as the Lansing Family and Lifestyle Clinic.

Pr Mills is married to the love of his life, Lindey Mills and they have one daughter, Chloe who brings much laughter and joy to their lives.

Dig Deeper

You may want to dig deeper into these vital biblical topics. Every wednesday, there will be a dig deeper Bible Study break-out class for those who would like to more fully undertand what the Bible says.

We’re at the Crossroads

Facing Uncertainty

In 2020, something unthinkable happened in America. Most of the entire country shut down due to the pandemic—store shelves went bare, inflation drove up prices, and multiple large protests rippled across the country. Over the summer, record fires destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres and a traumatic election left many of us disillusioned.

Protests rose as our country struggled with racial disparities. Mental health fell to rock bottom as people were isolated from families and friends. The fabric of American society is showing signs of unravelling as the strain of these last couple of years showed the deep brokenness within our country.

Not to mention global uncertainty with Russia’s re-emergence and potential invasion of Ukraine, the economic might of China and its disdain for human rights, the increasingly noticeable impacts of climate change, the estimated 274 million people who will need humanitarian assistance in 2022, growing terrorism threats, regional conflicts and spiking crime in many US cities to mention just a few of the recent news headlines.

We Need Hope

People are asking questions. What does the future hold? How do we prepare for uncertainty? What can I do to achieve good health? How can I stay safe?

Free to attend Crossroads Lansing MI, registration is essential to reserve your place!

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8th, 2022

The inspiration and funding for Crossroads Health Conference has come from Lansing
Family & Lifestyle Medicine and Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe that
everyone can enjoy better quality of life through lifestyle changes.
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