Pr Phil Mills, Host Light UnShackled, Bible Educator, Church Pastor

He currently serves the Greater Lansing community as the Lansing Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor. He has a deep interest in history, Bible prophecy, and explaining how the Bible gives hope for today. Three years ago, he helped produce a series on the history of the church called, Light UnShackled (available on YouTube). He is passionate about providing health education, counseling with couples and families, and providing spiritual care to all walks of life in his 14 years serving Michigan. He provides leadership for Nature’s Banquet (culinary starter kits and neighborhood cooking parties), Hydrotherapy Hub, CROSSTrainers as well as the Lansing Family and Lifestyle Clinic.

Pr Mills is married to the love of his life, Lindey Mills and they have one daughter, Chloe who brings much laughter and joy to their lives.