Childcare Registration

Are you bringing children? We offer free child care during the meetings. Pre-register your children using the form below.

Parent or Caregiver Details

Please ensure that you use the same details as on your conference pre-registration so we can match the records. You must have registered yourself first - click here if you haven't.

Details of Child/Children

Please provide details of the child or children who will be attending the free child care during the conference. If you have more than three children attending the free child care, please submit another form.

Child One

Child Two

Child Three

Any Additional Information

Is there any additional information regarding the child or children you are pre-registering for free child care we should know about?

Free to attend Crossroads Lansing MI, registration is essential to reserve your place!

Pre-register Today!



8th, 2022

The inspiration and funding for Crossroads Health Conference has come from Lansing
Family & Lifestyle Medicine and Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe that
everyone can enjoy better quality of life through lifestyle changes.
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